Quality? An indispensable commitment.

Protagonist on international markets, Scandolara gives substance to an integrated quality system that guides it to focus attention on the customer and his expectations.

This means to realize excellent tubes using the methods and instruments for continuous improvement, as previewed by the ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 for the good pharmaceutical production practices (GMP).

The supplier quality acceptance office previews the physical and documental check of the incoming materials.
It is instead the laboratory’s task to carry out container/content compatibility tests, supporting customers in defining packaging specifications.
This happens, for example, by indicating the most suitable inside protection varnishes – for aluminium tubes – or suggesting the choice of the best material blend according to the product formulation.

One of Scandolara’s strengths is, therefore, the support provided to customers in the development of new projects with ad hoc validation plans, so as to reduce the risks in the marketing phase of products.

The regulatory office is not missing, and works with external labs for the performance of specific tests, and providing the necessary documentation for the conformity declarations to the current regulations (Packaging Directive, REACH, MOCA…).

Quality Team
Quality Team

Scandolara is furthermore constantly engaged to improve the safety of the plant in full compliance with all the relevant directives, and does the same for the external environment, through careful monitoring of production processes.

An integrated quality system, therefore, which would not be possible without a strong enhancement and constant involvement of internal resources, thanks to a punctual continuous training program.

Scandolara obtained the certification ISO 9001:2015 and the certification ISO 15378:2017, that guarantees the safety and the quality of the productions, the conformity with the regulations, the optimization of the processes and the risk minimization of primer packaging material for medical products.