The injection moulding department of Scandolara, that produces standard or customized caps, represents a good example of vertical integration.
Being able to integrate external supplies, except in special cases, it guarantees qualitative and logistical advantages, as well as continuity and traceability of the production.

As regards to the closures for plastic tubes, it is possible to choose between screw cap, ophthalmic caps, cannulas, flip-top, coaxial caps or with sponge applicator.

The flip-top caps are always orientated to the front image and are snap-on.
They are leak-proof and have hidden injection points. Wide choice of decorative finishes, with metallised and/or silk screened motifs.
It is further more possible to apply a safety Sleeve, to protect the consumer.

Scandolara proposes special solutions, with experienced creativity and innovation strength, so as to adapt the tubes also to those uses which, normally, are thought to be exclusive of bottles or sticks.
The twist-off caps are born like this for example, and sponge devices or other applicators.