The practicality of the tubes for storing food in functional and hygienic containers and to consume the product when and where necessary.

Tomato paste, mayonnaise, anchovy paste, pate, chilli pepper, jams and cake decoration. Many foods lend themselves to being packed and stored in tubes, an ideal packaging solution for its practicality and convenience: not only does it allow the correct dispensing of the desired quantity of product but does not compromise its conservation for the entire period of use.
Thanks to the long experience and constant innovation on materials, Scandolara is able to recommend the right tube to enhance and preserve the product in the best possible way. For the packing of food specialities, Scandolara offers two types of tubes:


The Scandolara Research & Development department has created numerous products with a high technological and service content, capable of satisfying the most advanced demands of food marketing.

Between plastic tubes we offer:

Coex, co-extruded barrier PE/EVHO/PE;
Green Heart, co-extruded PE tube with rHDPE certified inside layer;
rHDPE Blend, tube produced with a mix of 50% rHPDE and LLDPE in blend;
Pure Green, produced with Braskem PE coming from renewable sources,
The Single 100% PE, mono-material tube with body, shoulder and closure in PE.

All types of tubes produced for the food sector comply with the main Directives and Regulations for materials in contact with food.