Beauty Range

Solutions for high cosmetics. The division “Scandolara Beauty” targets the cosmetics market with a range of specific PE tubes for the make-up and skin care.

Applicators and new concept dispensers with a high service content combine the traditional advantages of tubes with elegance and functionality of professional tools:
PE tub with airless pumps and tubes with different applicators for lip & eye, complete and specific lines for the skin care, lip make-up and eye-contouring, that assures a safe, flexible and easy application of the cosmetic.

The added value is the perfect dosage and the very accurate formula protection.

More than a simple extension of the range, the creation of Scandolara Beauty division offered the opportunity to reformulate the market strategies and the business: Scandolara has once again strengthened its presence in the beauty sector, giving due emphasis to the expertise acquired in the oral care, pharmaceutical and hair dyes sectors.

Tubes with airless pump
A perfect dosage combined with the formula protection thanks to the airless system. Suitable for skin care, body care and make-up. The airless tubes are available in diameter 19mm, 30mm.

Lip & eye applicators
Safe, flexible and easy use of the tube with the elegance of a professional applicator. Available in diameter 16mm and 19mm, the tubes are recommended for skin care, lip make-up and eye-care.

the essential lip gloss tube with an ergonomic soft silicone tip

tube with metal roller ball for a massaging and cooling effect

3 mini metal rollers for a massaging and cooling effect, that promotes circulation

lip applicator with a soft silicone tip to increase the formula effects

the revolutionary rotating lip applicator for a professional result

more comfortable application with the soft sponge tip

precise application and transparent spatula to improve coloured formulations

a natural PBT brush for precise delivery system and an exceptional finish