Aluminium tubes

Functional and sustainable, aluminium tubes are back in great relevance thanks to their recyclability. Deformable, once used they do not allow the re-entry of air inside the container, thus preserving the product from oxidation. The aluminium tube is the perfect packaging configuration that allows you to dose the product exactly where it is needed and right down to the last drop.

In the Scandolara plant the aluminium tubes are produced in a dedicated department, inside which there is a limited area for contamination with overpressure filtered air.
This “clean room” is dedicated to pharmaceutical production and the staff works internally in compliance with the GMP’s.

Without prejudice to the excellent barrier to external agents offered by aluminium, the tube is internally coated with a protective varnish that prevents interactions between the product and the pack.
Thanks to more than one hundred years of experience, Scandolara is able to suggest the most suitable type of inside protection varnish, based on the chemical-physical characteristics of the product and the sector of use. The research and development laboratory is equipped to perform specific tests that provide the necessary support for the registration of new products.

Scandolara produces a wide range for pharmaceutical cosmetic, food and technical products, with diameters from 13,5mm and 40mm, with or without safety seal, and will be supplied with different types of caps with or without perforator.

The aluminium tubes are produced starting from open or closed slugs, leaving ample freedom of choice to the customer: with open hole for convenience, dispensing accuracy and immediate of the content; with closed hole, for a higher barrier that protects and preserves the freshness of the products.

Following the recovery objectives in the production of packaging, in accordance with the directive 94/62/EC, Scandolara has developed an aluminium tube with recycled material up to 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled), available from diameter 25 ÷ 40mm.

Interesting the choice between threads and special necks, with aluminium end point or plastic inserts. Tamper-evident caps are also available for ophthalmic or industrial application, with the inviolability guarantee of the container.
For Scandolara the particularity is a standard.

As in an elegant and comfortable dress, the finish of the shoulder is a distinctive feature also of the aluminium tube. The enameled shoulder and the plastic neck can in fact give an extra touch of refinement.

As for as decoration is concerned, the company makes use of important collaborations with the main enamels and ink players able to respond to the most diverse graphic and aesthetic need.

In this way, the aluminium becomes a living material with in-line processing that embellishes the classic extruded metal tube. Transparent, glossy or opaque and glittered enamels, enhance the uniqueness of the packaging, as well as special inks and metallic colors.

Following the packaging specifications of the customers, the tubes are packed in boxes of different sizes, event with customized solutions (tailor-made).