ECO Range

When the products are born from the green philosophy. In a market of conscious consumers, attention to packaging sustainability is a virtuous trend, deeply felt in the beauty and consumer goods sector, in which it has also become a driving factor for marketing.

The green soul of Scandolara expresses itself in a series of innovative solutions, developed in the name of reducing the environmental impact, but with characteristics of sealing/welding, decoration and compatibility similar to those of virgin PE.

Green Heart
Trendsetter in the field of sustainability, and in year 2009 it won the Oscar packaging for the innovation considered the “perfect synthesis of image and respect for the environment”, Scandolara has developed the “Green Heart” tube, coextruded in 3 layers: a polyethylene recycled heart inside of two virgin PE layers in direct contact with the product it guarantees the compatibility between container and content, and furthermore the easy sealing during the filling process.

The recycled PE allows to reduce the use of virgin material up to 40%, while the outside PE virgin material maintains the same physical and aesthetic qualities of the packaging.
Optimal print yield and repeatable results have made it a standard that Scandolara now proposes in an advanced version: the new Green Heart structure has three layers coextruded in a cylindrical tube with the inside layer of recycled HDPE (rHDPE food grade certified), where the outside layers are available in all the PE blends (low-medium-high density) with a total thickness of 500 micron.
Green Heart is available in transparent or coloured and in diameters 35, 40 and 50mm.

rHDPE Blend
Tube produced in blend with 50% di rHDPE and LLDPE, that guarantees elasticity and sealing.
The recycled polyethylene comes from selected food packs, food grade certified and is therefore suitable to get in contact with food and is validated for cosmetic use.
rHDPE blend is available in diameter 19-25-30-35- 40-50 mm.

Pure Green

Scandolara’s constant search for sustainable materials and packaging has landed at “I’m greenTM Polyethylene” in Braskem, the Brazilian producer who, starting form ethylene obtained from local sugar cane, transforms it into green plastic.

The result of this combination is the range of PE Pure Green tubes which, in addition to containing and preserving the products in a functional and elegant way, guarantees the most sensitive brand owners to environmental issues the advantage and safety of a raw material obtained from renewable sources, checked and provided with the hallmark “I’m greenTM”.
Pure Green is available in diameters 19-25-30-35-40-50 mm and upon request also the caps are available in PP Green material.

The Single 100% PE
The Single is a tube made entirely of PE (body, shoulder and closure). Polyethylene is a plastic material that is easily recyclable, which means it can be reprocessed and reused in different applications, reducing the use of natural resources for the production of new tubes. All components of the tube are made of PE to be easily collected and recycled as plastic material. This makes the disposal process of the tube simpler and more convenient for the user, reducing the amount of non-recyclable waste.

PCR Alu tube
With a view to circular economy Scandolara has a recycled aluminium tube up to 100% of PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) available in diameter 25 ÷ 40mm.

Re-life is a tube made up of 70% post-consumer PE from recycled milk bottles. The remaining 30% is made up of plant-based PE from sugarcane waste. The result is a fully recyclable and food grade certified tube. For cosmetic products, a 55% PCR PP closure can also be adopted.

Superlight is a tube with walls that are 20% thinner than traditional tubes. Without compromising resistance and content protection, it promotes a lower environmental impact due to the reduction of materials used.