The reliability of the tube and a quality service, up to the expectations of the sector.

Many of the main players in the pharmaceutical sector recognize Scandolara as a reliable and competent partner, capable of guaranteeing not only safe and quality products, but also a service that lives up to the expectations of the sector.

For the packing of medical specialties, Scandolara offers two types of tubes


The production of aluminium tubes for pharma is carried out in a controlled contamination environment – clean room.
The unitary control in process is entrusted to an artificial vision system installed on line, which detects the morphological and aesthetic characteristics of all the tubes produced, highlighting any possible anomaly.
Highly qualified personnel trained according to GMP indications guarantees the surveillance of the process.

Where required Scandolara is able to manage the entire packaging sterilization process from the initial validation phase to post-production logistics.
The experience gained in this activity allows us to define the most efficient solutions in terms of materials and configuration of the secondary pack.