Environment and Sustainability

We can and we have to think about the future.

Environmental sustainability is, for Scandolara, an asset to be managed with a scientific approach.
A factor that is bringing about a decisive change in the social and industrial system, sustainability must however be correlated to other significant trends, such as new ways of consumption, rather aggressive communication campaigns towards packaging, the compression of industry margins, automation and digitalization of production.
The fact is that a lot is being done, indeed a lot…
There are many proposals for new packaging that, optionally, use less material, are biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, produced with materials derived from renewable sources….
Many solutions aimed at minimizing the environmental impact – because there is not “single right packaging”; many solutions to be evaluated according to the application, to be validated through LCA, or analysis of the impacts of all aspects related to the footprint, use of water, etc., and to be carefully related to the collection, sorting and recycling system available in the area.
At the request of particular customers, increasingly focused on environmental sustainability also of the packaging used, Scandolara can commission specific validations on the sustainability (recycled raw materials or to be recycled) of process materials.
Scandolara is ready to accompany its customers on the path of innovation, without ever forgetting that packaging must continue to guarantee the correct performance in terms of product protection and service content for consumers.